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It’s spring, the time of year when thousands of golfers from the still chilly northeast are busy planning their golf vacation at Myrtle Beach. This golf lover’s paradise is rich in tourism and filled to the brim with golf courses, hotels, resorts and villas. The enormous number of places to stay and golf creates a competitive environment that is great for golfers looking for the best deals.

If you are planning a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, you’re probably looking for a great package deal. Package deals are a win-win for both the business owners and their clients, since they provide great discounts and send business to the golf courses. The hardest decision you will have to make is which package is best for you. There are actually two main types of golf package businesses that can handle your vacation booking: Independent and Resort or Hotel.

An Independent Packager is a type of travel agent who is not affiliated with any one business and who puts together package deals, often including discounted airfare and lodging. Could you be your own Independent Packager? Absolutely! By using the internet, you can put together your own package deal but the question is, do you have the time to wade through all the possibilities? By using an Independent Packager, you are spending money to save money and letting someone who have the knowledge do that work for you.

Resort Packagers have a vested interest in filling empty hotel rooms and on the course at a specific site. In addition, the hotels are actually the driving force behind the rates on the courses. A hotel that is able to fill its rooms with golfers who will fill the greens has more clout than the course itself, which doesn’t have the advantage of offering accommodation. How does this kind of Packager benefit you? Since the hotels are controlling the amount of business, they can work with golf courses to provide lucrative package deals to draw customers.

So which kind of golf packager is right for your needs? Both have the ability to provide substantial discounts and if you have a resort or hotel that is a particular favorite, its to your advantage to use their Packager. If instead, you are flexible, and are seeking a variety of choices in golf packages, an Independent Packager might be right for you. If you start your search early enough in the season, you can compare the rates from either kind of Packager and choose the one that fits you to a tee!

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Myrtle Beach is an area that is known for its beautiful golf courses. It is still heralded as the golf capital of the United States. Several of the courses in Myrtle Beach have made the top 100 best places to play list over the years. There are plenty of choices for golf courses for the Myrtle Beach area. The courses offer variety in location, degree of difficulty ,as well as pricing. Prices range from $40 to over $100 at some locations.

One of the courses is The Dunes Golf and Beach Club. This course is part of the Grand Strands Courses in Myrtle Beach. The Dunes opened in 1948 and boasts 7,195 yards of golfing pleasure with ocean front viewing. The degree of the greens vary and allow for greater attention on approach shots.

Another golf course is the Arcadian Shores Golf Course. Award wining architect Rees Jones designed this course in 1974. This Bermuda grass type course offers 18 holes on 64 sand bankers. It is known as one of the more challenging courses and features natural lakes along the fairways.

Wicked Stick is a John Daly signature course.He designed it along with artichect Clyde Johnston in 1995. Wicked Stick is a course with a wide open link and expansive dunes fields. It is a very challenging course that calls for precise shot making. It features one of a kind back tees, called the Daly Tees.There is also a mini musuem on the property as well as a lounge, and lighted driving range for late night activity.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is one of the best golfing destinations in the United States. A Myrtle Beach golf vacation will give you access to some of the most fun and challenging courses set against a gorgeous, lush South Carolina backdrop.

From Beginners to Pros

There is a Myrtle Beach golf vacation for anyone who enjoys the sport. Discount packages are available for the North Strand, South Strand, Founders Club, Pawleys Plantation, and many more high quality courses. There are more than 18 premium golf courses located within miles of one another. All you have to do is make a reservation and pack your clubs for a whirlwind tour of golfing paradise. The best part is that Myrtle Beach offers much more than just golf, so your family can shop and visit the historic sites while you are soaking up the sun on the back nine.

Packages for Every Pocketbook

A quick internet search will prove that there are Myrtle Beach golf vacation packages that will fit almost any traveling budget. You can book your hotel, car, and tee times on sites specifically managed by Myrtle Beach travel companies. Many of the top Myrtle Beach golf vacation courses offer a free or discounted extra round if you purchase a certain number of full priced rounds. Other top packages give you access to two different courses in one day. Myrtle Beach truly is a golfer's paradise, and you could spend weeks discovering the nuances of each individual course. Lessons with top pros and special outings are also available at most courses.

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Some Myrtle Beach golf courses has options for memberships and buying a Myrtle Beach golf package. For instance, having its own advantages and disadvantages as compared to other golf clubs out there. If you are planning on joining a local country club with a Myrtle Beach golf course, then here’s an article for you to take into consideration.

Most of the time, Myrtle Beach golf courses offer a handicap tracking system which is used to track your scores. This makes it better for you as you do not have to send the scorecards to a golf association for a legal handicap – if you decide to play in tournaments.

Golf courses often offer locker rooms within their facilities, as well as a restaurants for your buddies. This makes a good venue for fellow members to get to know each other; adding ease for you to look for players to team yourself with.

You will definitely choose to play at a golf club for practice instead of driving down to an unfamiliar golf practice area. Hence, the more you practice, the better you get at playing golf and perfecting your swing.

The more you get used to a place, the better approach and game plan you establish. This can be attained if you come to a golf club. If you take time to be familiarized with your favorite Myrtle Beach golf course and anticipate what will happen as this will help you think over on your club selection.

Most golf holes have yardage at the golf courses which can be memorized quickly – this will provide you better knowledge of the capacity of your driving yardage.

A trade off system also circulates around golf clubs which enables you to play games on various Myrtle Beach golf courses which in return other members from clubs will play at your golf course.

Most golf clubs post bulletin entries informing their members of upcoming golf events. This can engage you to play in more golf tournaments.

Paying an annual green fee at the country club, even if you are on a Myrtle Beach golf vacation, you have the opportunity to play golf at anytime other than specific days which can be restricted after a specific time of the day.

Remember that if the golf master knows that you are a member of the golf club, last minute tee times will be easier for you to book.

If golf becomes a part of your lifestyle – getting yourself a membership for a golf club can save you a lot in the future.

By joining a country club, you will be provided with lots of advantages and benefits for you to enjoy while you visit Myrtle Beach. For some of the best local Myrtle Beach golf courses, check your phone book or search over the Internet.

Myrtle Beach is known for its sandy white beaches. It’s also known as a great family vacation destination. For the golf enthusiast, it is recognized as the home to over 100 golf courses. Myrtle Beach golf courses offer a variety of golf choices. From elite courses designed by world class golf course architects, to par three courses perfect for the beginning golfer, you’re sure to find the right course to suit your abilities.

Your toughest decision will be selecting which course to play. You may choose to try out elite award winning courses like Caledonia or the TPC (Tournament Player’s Club). If you’re a more casual or a beginning golfer, you might choose any of the several three par Myrtle Beach golf courses. Consider checking out the three par course at Harbor View Golf facility, where they even offer a lighted course for nighttime golfing. If you’re truly brand new to the game of golf, you might even like to take a lesson, or practice at any one of a number of driving ranges in Myrtle Beach.

Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find a number of Myrtle Beach golf courses with much to offer. Whether you’re ready to walk or ride the lush green fairways, or need a quick tip from the resident pro, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re after. With a little research, you’ll quickly see that there are even many vacation packages designed specifically with the Myrtle Beach golfer in mind. On your next trip to Myrtle Beach, be sure to pack your clubs and enjoy.

If you are planning to start playing golf in Myrtle Beach, one must know the common terms associated with the game. Stimping is defined as the speed at which the golf ball has gone on the course after landing. Usually, only veteran golfers know about stimping – and because they are the only ones bothered about it, it may or may not be of interest to you. If you are trying to increase your score, it is essential for you to know the stimping outcome to the green and learn more on hitting the ball for the best results.

The measure of how fast the ball will roll on the golf green is determined by a stimping meter – which is basically just a ramp laid out on the golf fairway. The golf balls are made to roll the ramp and to verify the average number of feet that the ball rolled before it came to rest; it is measured in eight different directions.Play Myrtle Beach golf courses with a Myrtle Beach golf package

Hitting your favorite Myrtle Beach golf course while on vacation, you may have a stimping rate of 10 or 12. This implies that the ball rolled up to 10 to 12 feet before it stopped. So when you are golfing in Myrtle Beach, bear this in mind to be sure that you didn’t fall short nor over hit the green after the ball lands.

Stimping rate for several small golf courses might be lower due to the fact that they use lower quality artificial grasses than those used on other courses – or probably due to the fact they are using real grasses! To get a better grasp on understanding golf, why not ask a professional shop regarding stimping level and the types of grasses used in some golf courses.

Stimping level can vary depending on the weather and the time of the year you want to play golf. It can also play a factor if you had a bad game and you are fond of playing on a golf course with a higher or lower stimping level. Or it can just be obviously a bad day for your Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

For most new golfers or some seasoned Myrtle Beach golf masters, stimping level might not be of utmost importance. Before thinking too much on other factors like green conditions, it would be better to direct your attention first on how you can improve your swing. By doing so and by learning a few techniques, you can certainly improve on other obstacles along the way. If your goal is to play as a pro, then that is the time you should learn about it – after of course, the most basic step, which is perfecting your swing.

A Myrtle Beach golf vacation is something that everyone should be proud of, if they have taken one. More than the game itself, it combines all the elements of a glorious vacation. If you are on the lookout for a vacation package that is a culmination of all these wonderful features, then take a look at a Myrtle Beach golf package that includes the Wizard Golf Club. golf in Myrtle Beach

The history behind this is enough to garner enough interest for visitors to stop by this course. This Myrtle Beach golf course was created after an arduous shift of rocks. Not just a few; we are talking about one and half million cubic yards of rock, earth, and grime. This hard work resulted in what we see as a splendid course forty-five feet above the fairways. It is different though, well planned with varied foliage including over a thousand species. It is beautiful. The slightly mountainous terrain and exciting elevations can prove to be a whole new experience for the slightly novice golfer. The bent grass is extremely favorable for a challenging round of golf, and the three holes around a lake, only make the game that much more exciting.

All in all, a spread which spans over 6721 yards, water holes connected by elevated land, and a tried and tested field by ace players, this is a golfing experience best left to the imagination for those who have not visited this place as yet. With so much to see and do, we are only too glad that the course is public; it would be a pity if this wasn’t explored to the hilt.